Release Notes: April 1, 2022

Flights Page Update

UI users can now hide sections on the Flights editor page. This update caps a series of recent changes to the Flights page making it easier to use and responsive to the varied sets of functionality customers use.

For example, if you only use keyword-level targeting, that can be the only additional configuration option you see on screen.

Users can toggle each section's visibility with the left-hand panel. This side panel also tracks which sections are in use and if there are any errors. Visibility preferences are saved locally at a per-user level so all Flights you access will have the same set of sections hidden or shown.

Check out the demo below!

List Flights Endpoint Update

Management API's list flight endpoint ({CampaignID}/flight)now contains the following in the response:

  • CreationDate
  • LastUpdated
  • Version

Flight Goal Auto-Balancing

Previously, multi-ad flights split the flight goal evenly among ads, creating static goal values for ads. This often resulted in under delivery / other suboptimal behavior. Ads with ad-level custom targeting or frequency capping would underperform because auto-balancing evenly distributed impressions.

Now, with flight goal auto-balancing, rather than splitting impressions evenly among the ads in a flight, all ads are eligible to serve until the total flight goal is reached.

For a flight goal of 500 impressions with two ads per flight, if ad A served 250 impressions, and ad B served 200 impressions, both ads could still be selected for those final 50 impressions.


All new networks have flight goal auto-balancing enabled; we will migrate all customers to flight goal auto-balance by June 1st, 2022.

If you would like to enable flight goal auto-balancing for your network before June 1st, please reach out to your CSM or email [email protected].

If you prefer the legacy auto-balance behavior, simply select "Override" for the ad level distribution setting, then manually enter a static goal value.

Smart Pacing

Another feature that we’re really excited about is smart pacing.

Smart pacing takes steps to distribute impressions throughout the day as a way to avoid erratic pacing. This avoids issues with over serving impressions during the start of the day, and allows for more even distribution. In future iterations we are looking at the possibility for customers to input their preferred pacing patterns to support customer traffic patterns, weekend vs weekday traffic patterns, or even more fiendishly clever pacing ideas. This initial rollout of Smart Pacing includes an element of traffic smoothing which seeks to reduce impression spikes and periods of zero impressions due to overly aggressive ad weight calculations.

This is an opt-in feature, please reach out to your CSM or email [email protected] for more information.

Bug Fix

We fixed an issue where fields in the creative template were not returned in the same order they were created.