Release Notes: April 19, 2024

Ad Server: UI refresh, Catalog ingestion status details, new Report Runs API, Ad GroupBy in Reporting, and additional optimizations...

Ad Server — Reporting


  • Report Runs API — View a list of reports generated in the last 10 days using the API. Learn more on the Report Runs API knowledge base page.
  • Ad GroupBy — Support for Ad as a GroupBy option for custom reports (both UI and API).
    Removes the workaround of getting the adId value by grouping by Creative
    UI will display Ad Name column. Export and API will contain Ad Name and Ad ID.

Ad Server — Campaign Management UI + API


  • Catalog Ingestion Status — Customers that upload their product feeds and associated data to us via a requested ingest url can now check the status of the ingestion. A status URL is returned when requesting an ingest URL that can be used to check the ingestion status of the file uploaded using the provided ingest URL. More information in the Create Ingest URL documentation has been updated to include information about this feature.


  • Ad Server UI branding — the UI has been given a fresh lick of paint and some visual adjustments to improve consistency and brand compliance including updates to the typeface, logos, colors, and button styling.
  • We made enhancements to the List Creatives endpoint to reduce latency and return results more quickly and reliably