Release Notes: April 29, 2021

More granular user permissions are here!

Kevel now allows you to limit the access some users have to your network. Check out our dev docs to learn more!

We have partnered with Segment to more easily leverage your first-party data

Kevel is excited to announce our new integration with Segment, one of the leading customer data platforms. Our new integration allows you to leverage the first-party customer data you have in Segment to create user-targeted ads within Kevel.


We’ve released AdQuery: A more user-focused way to serve ads

Kevel's new AdQuery targeting feature simplifies and speeds up how personalized ads are served — leading to a more relevant user experience.

You can also use AdQuery as part of a new case we now support: “Auction-as-a-service”. This service can help your brand address more easily insert personalized sponsored listings into your search results, thereby helping them drive revenue and improve ad relevance.


A new Decision SDK in Go

We’ve added a Go Decision SDK submitted by Link Sports as our first Community Supported SDK on our Decision SDKs page! Big thanks to Link Sports and our open source community for continuing to expand our developer tools!