Release Notes: August 5, 2021

New: Custom Creative Template Builder Tool

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new custom template builder tool, available today to all customers.

This builder makes it easy to create new custom templates for native ads within the Kevel UI. These templates contain the unique fields that compose your native ad (CTA, image, headline, custom parameters, etc), and which you then select as the format when you make an individual ad in the UI.

Learn more on the Kevel blog, and read the full documentation here.


Decision Explainer UI Shows Pacing, Targeting, & More

The Decision Explainer UI is a handy way to debug why your Decision API requests are not returning the ad you might have expected. To make debugging even easier, we’ve added a lot more settings right at your fingertips including all pacing information (price, rate, goals, caps, frequency caps, etc) targeting rules (geo, keyword, site, zone, day parting, Zerkel, etc), creative metadata, and creative template data.


Firing Pixels from iOS & Android SDKs

The iOS and Android Software Development Kits (SDKs) now support firing impressions, clicks, conversions, and custom event pixels directly from the SDK!

JavaScript Decision SDK Supports React Native Mobile Apps

If you are building a mobile application with React Native, you can now use our JavaScript Decision Software Development Kit (SDK) to make your Decision & UserDB API calls.

DataCenter Identification Improvements

We have improved our ability to detect requests from known data centers. Clicks from these data centers are classified as “Suspicious Clicks” and requests from these data centers can be blocked with the $datacenter macro in Custom Targeting.

Expansion to Ireland and Australia AWS Regions

We now support handling decision requests in the Ireland (eu-west-1) and Australia (ap-southeast-2) AWS regions. If you would like to move your traffic to one of these regions get in touch with your AM or email [email protected].

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with Korean characters not always showing up correctly in the Kevel UI.
  • We addressed an issue with day parting where certain flights were showing as overlapping when it wasn’t the case.
  • Resolved issues with higher than expected timeouts for creative previews.