Release Notes: August 7, 2017


  • UserDB IP Address Override: You can now optionally store an IP address on a UserDB record and request that it be used for geolocation targeting purposes. This is especially helpful for situations where content is generated outside of a customer web request -- like an email newsletter, text message reminder, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing Expired Flights in UI 2.0: "Expired" flights were hidden by default, but there was no way to unhide them. This caused some flights to seem to just "disappear" mysteriously. Since UI 2.0 is so much better at showing lots of flights, we've just removed the confusing expiration feature. We will be taking the UI 1.0 "archival" beta feature and implement it in UI 2.0 in the future instead. We feel strongly that archival, the deliberate removal of old or unneeded data, is much preferred over expiration, the confusing automatic removal of old data. We're sure you'll agree.

  • Change Publishing Showdown: A bug caused a slight slowdown in our change publishing system for a short time due to a customer misconfiguration. This will no longer be a problem.