Release Notes: December 11, 2020

*Adzerk is now Kevel. We’ve rebranded! Kevel is here to help you drive new revenue and take back the Internet from the big ad tech giants. Learn more about the new name here.

Soon you'll see our new name and logo in the UI. Starting December 12, 2020, will redirect to The Management API will also soon start supporting the domain in endpoints, while continuing to support legacy endpoints.

JavaScript Management SDK Launched!

Want to write a nifty script to create several campaigns, flights, and ads? How about a command-line tool to pull the stats on your hottest campaigns? Perhaps you have a big eCommerce catalog of products that you’re pipelining into promotions via Kevel campaigns? Something cool you want to build? The JavaScript Management SDK is going to be a big help to you.

Here’s a sample script to list the flights in a campaign:


Install the SDK, set up the client, and then call “run”. You specify the operation, in this case “listForCampaign” on the “flight” object, and an optional list of parameters. That’s it. This simple recipe gives you the full power of our many management and reporting APIs in one package.

You want more? How about built-in logging? Validation messages when you forget a value or mistype a key name? Automatically handling rate-limiting by the API? Future-proofing your own code against changes in our API endpoints? We’ve added lots of creature comforts and conveniences to make using our APIs easy and simple.

Time zones are here

Converting all times and dates to GMT can be a headache. The ability to set time zones at the flight level is now here! All users can now set time zone for flights, pull reports in a specific time zone, and set up to 10 dayparts per flight. If you’d like to set controls for default time zone at the network and user levels, contact Kevel support.

Learn more here: Time zones in Kevel

Phasing out UI 1.0

If you are using UI 1.0, please keep familiarizing yourself with UI 2.0 in preparation for a switching over fully by March 31, 2021. Remember, our support team is available to help!

  • It is no longer possible to add a new user via UI 1.0. Please use UI 2.0 to add new users.

Bug fixes, usability improvements, etc

In preparation for support for SSO, it is no longer possible to change an existing user’s email address. Learn more about User Management in Kevel here.