Release Notes: Feb 7, 2020

Updates and Changes, December 2019 - January 2020

1. Site/Zone targeting Update:
Clients using site/zone targeting in the AdZerk interface had the ability to search within the dropdown for the name of the zone. This was limiting, especially for those with multiple, similarly-named zones. Adzerk has updated the zone field to now include pagination in the field.

2. Creative Template Fields Extended
The Custom Fields in a Creative Template were short and did not expand or scroll as URLs were added, making it difficult for AdOps to check IDs in tags or easily review. Adzerk has extended the size of the custom fields in the template to make it more AdOps friendly.

3. Updates to Reporting
We have made numerous changes to Adzerk reporting infrastructure and clients should see improvements in the speed of report generation.

4. Chrome80 Implementation
Adzerk Support and Engineering has reached out to clients to accommodate Google's changes to how 3rd party cookies are treated in Google Chrome with the Chrome80 release.

5. Geotargeting Changes
We have updated the data in the Geotargeting dropdowns of the Adzerk UI to improve the targeting available and prevent incorrect/erroneous data from being shown. For clients wishing greater resolution in geotargeting, it is recommended they use Custom Targeting. For more information on using Custom Targeting:

6. Adding Campaign Name to Edit Flight Page
We have added the name of the Campaign to the Edit Flight page so clients know what campaign the flight they are editing is in.