Release Notes: February 23, 2024

Forecast API


  • New notifyUrl parameter that allows specifying a callback URL for a forecast completion notification
  • Added link in the API documentation to a section with the available group-by keys
  • New filterGroupBy field to API params that allows filtering grouped results with a Zerkel query
  • New dynamicMultiWinnerImpressionRatio field to API params to use the projected impressions based on historical data instead of relying on a fixed ratio
  • Added timeZone field to API Flights to be used for the flight's daily caps, daily goals, and day parting
  • Added support for priorityId field in available requests that uses a well defined Kevel Priority for comparison in the simulation, taking into consideration filtering and ordering done at the Site and Channel level


  • All forecast types now accept a local date-time as their start and end dates


  • Flight percentage goal distribution during selection for qualified Ads
  • Time-zone behavior in Available forecast