Release Notes: February 26, 2018


  • RTB Creatives & Advertiser in UI 2.0: Probably the last big missing feature left in UI 2.0, we now completely support managing your RTB advertisers and creatives in UI 2.0!

  • Data Shipping: Device Data: We've added device & version, OS & version, browser & version, and form factor (mobile, desktop, tablet) fields to our data shipping feature in order to better comply with the EU's upcoming GDPR law.

Bug Fixes

  • UI 2.0: Click Buckets: In our new Reporting UI 2.0, the click bucket fields were often only showing zeroes.

  • UI 2.0: Duplicating Creatives Using Templates: Duplicating creatives in UI 2.0 was dropping creative template values.

  • UI 2.0: Improve Dashboard Data: In UI 2.0 we've updated the dashboard data (impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue) to use our "instant count" system which shows much fresher counts. These counts are accurate to within 2-5 minutes of real-time.

  • UI 2.0: Sorting Columns Dropped Dashboard Data: In some cases, sorting columns in UI 2.0 would often drops our "instant count" data like impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue.

  • UI 2.0: Status Bars & Flyover Messages: The status health bars and associated tool tip messages have been updated to use the new "instant count" data, and the messages have been improved.