Release Notes: July 1, 2022

Velocidi Acquisition


Kevel recently completed our first acquisition of Velocidi, a leading customer data platform. Velocidi enables brands to leverage machine learning and user segmentation to improve marketing and advertising performance, bringing first-party data management, audience segmentation, and user behavior modeling tech.

Check out our latest blog post to learn more.


Ready to make the most of your inventory? We are developing our forecasting tool so you can analyze, simulate, and predict new ad campaign performance against your current ad inventory and rules.

As we build out this feature, please fill out this survey so we can learn more about your use case!

Flight weights, explained

After rolling out Flight Weight Goals, we updated the Decision Explainer to also consider flight weights when explaining why an ad was/was not selected.

  • If you use “ad level overrides,” then the server uses ad weights.
  • If you use autobalanced flights, the server decides based on the flight weight.

This helps assess why their ad’s were/ weren’t selected, see if it’s due to the flight or ad weight, and make adjustments to meet their goals.


Last month we announced Relay, our newest product.

Relay’s APIs give you complete control over ad monetization, allowing you to choose your ideal programmatic partners to unlock more revenue and auction customization. Rely also helps you add/test new partners on our demand integration network, send smarter ad requests, manage central creative approvals across SSPs, and more.

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