Release Notes: July 31, 2017


  • RTB: Macros in RTB Creative Fields: We've added the ability to use our normal macros in custom fields in RTB creatives. (details)

  • RTB: Index Exchange Video Improvements: We continue to grow along with our demand partners like Index Exchange to improve our RTB delivery. As they add features or tweak parameters for better performance, we work with them from our side to ensure you get the best RTB integration possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Ad Servers Working Off-Plan: We had a couple incidents in the past couple of months where in some situations our ad servers would be working off an old plan. We put fixes in place a few weeks ago, and the cleanup and monitoring period is now complete. We are now confident we won't see those off-plan situations anymore.

  • UI 2.0: Disappearing Flight Page: For folks with many tens of thousands of creatives for a single advertiser, the flight page in UI 2.0 would sometimes load and then go blank. To work around this we've temporarily removed the "all creatives for this advertiser" tab on the edit flight page. We're rethinking this feature and it will return in a smarter form in the future.

  • UI 2.0 Validation Errors: Our UI 2.0 had a problem validating missing fields. The creative or flight or campaign wouldn't save, but it wouldn't tell you why.

  • Report Slowness: We saw a slight slow-down of some reports earlier this month due to the new request reporting features. We determined the root cause, and reporting is now back to its speedy self. This had little impact for most folks, but we care a lot about our reporting performance, especially when adding new features.