Release Notes: June 1, 2022

Introducing Kevel Relay

Build your own programmatic stack with Kevel Relay!

Relay's APIs give you complete control to build your ideal programmatic stack. Whether you're a traditional publisher, DOOH media owner, ad network, or podcast platform.

Using Kevel Relay as a neutral mediation layer, you can make one call to Relay to then make calls to all your demand partners. Relay will unify the responses and pass them back to you for ad selection.


Find out more about Relay here.


Kevel Forecasting

As Kevel builds out the future of forecasting, we want to learn what will make managing your ad inventory and your ad sales teams more successful. Please take this survey so we can learn more about your priorities and how we can help!

Forecasting Survey

UI Updates

We've been hard at work updating our core UI. Key updates include:

  1. UI Creative Table Enhancements: The UI creative table now allows you to sort by "active" or "inactive" ads, in addition to sorting by "name" and "ad id."
  2. Flight Goal Auto-Balance US Status Update: The UI now accounts for whether all in-flight ads are cumulatively on track to reach the flight's goal. You'll see:
    a. Green: If all ads in the flight are cumulatively on pace within +/- 10%.
    b. Yellow: If all ads in the flight are cumulatively borderline on pace within +/- 10% and +/- 15%.
    c. Red: If all ads in the flight are cumulatively within +/- 15% of the flight's goal.
  3. Monthly revenue goals: When creating a flight, you now have the option to set a monthly revenue goal. Once set, Kevel's ad balancer will pace the flight as evenly as possible through the month.

Management API Updates

Kevel is actively working on reducing latency for the the Management API endpoints along with adding other enhancements for improvement.

Recent changes include CreatedAt and Version are now included in the response.

Bug Fix:

  1. We've addressed a bug where the search advertiser endpoint did not function when the search string contained "[" as a character.