Release Notes: June 7, 2020

This is a quick note to share some product updates from Adzerk.

1. Add up to 10 day parts per flight
We’re currently beta testing an update that allows up to 10 day parts per flight, with day parts able to run across midnight GMT. Learn more here. When we exit beta and release to all clients, you’ll be able to add up to 10 day parts to all new flights. Existing flights with the legacy day parts will maintain their existing day parting functionality.


If you’re interested in being added to the beta test, please email Adzerk support: [email protected]. We’d love to get your input!

2. Decision SDKs beta release
We’ve released several new software development kits to make it easier to embed Adzerk Decision and UserDB functionality into your applications. We’ve added SDKs for JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Ruby, Python, and Clojure. They join our existing iOS and Android Decision SDKs.

These SDKs are open source and in public beta. Please feel free to use them today and give us any feedback! You can find links to our public Github repos and package downloads (NPM, Maven, RubyGems, PyPi, etc.) in our Decision SDKs documentation.

3. Bug fixes
We made a number of small bug fixes to improve UI function, stability, and reliability. These include:
Previously, in the final item in a list with a scroll bar, the UI would obscure menu options behind the triple-dot button all the way to the right. Super frustrating! We’ve fixed this so that you can now see all the options you should be able to see. Phew.

  • Saving a flight with the “no end date” checkbox selected in our legacy 1.0 UI now works as expected. No need to re-check that pesky checkbox every time you edit and save.
  • A long creative name used to push list contents out beyond the creative table on the flight page. Table contents now should stay within their table. (Alas, the same issue still arises in the “Edit Ad” popup for creative names and creative click URLs. A fix is coming for that soon.)
  • Previously, if you tried to add a file over the 1MB size limit to an ad or forgot to select an ad size, the UI would show a distinctly unhelpful "external server error" message. Now, you’ll see more helpful error messages that tell you what, specifically, needs attention.
  • Some folks were encountering errors when trying to save one or more valid click URLs for ads. We fixed this so that you can successfully save valid URLs and reject invalid URLs.

4. New Industry Ad Products & Features: Q2 2020
In Q2, many of the major native ad platforms released new features and ad units. Our recap covers these changes and highlights key takeaways for publishers.