Release Notes: March 10, 2022

Kevel has been making a lot of great progress since our last update. Read on for more details.

New: GMV & ROAS tracking

We understand that ROAS tracking is an important feature for our marketplace and e-commerce customers, which is why we’re happy to announce support for both Gross Merchandise Value and Return on Ad Spend tracking via the UI and API. Read more about how you can enable GMV and ROAS in our documentation.

New: API Key Authenticated Decision API Endpoints

As a precaution to prevent malicious users from accessing user data and to prevent recording fraudulent events, you now have the option to require API Key authentication for a variety of Decision API endpoints.

This optional feature allows customers to better secure their networks. You can enable this for Decision, Event, and UserDB endpoints.

That means (when enabled):

  • Decisions: Requests to the Decision API will not return a decision without a valid API key in the request.
  • Event: EventURLS will not count towards reported metrics without a valid API key.
  • UserDB: Requests to UserDB will not succeed without a valid API key.
    To enable this, please contact your CSM or email [email protected].

Decision Explainer UI Improvements

We’re excited about the popularity of our Decision Explainer UI and continue to make improvements based on customer feedback. Updates to the Decision Explainer UI include:

  • Display UserDB records
  • Display creative template values
  • Display creative name & link
  • Display ad-level keyword targeting, custom targeting, and site/zone targeting rules
  • Display ad-level pacing goals
  • Display friendly names and details for ad types
  • Display human readable country and region names for geo-targeting rules
  • Recommend 100% goal while testing
  • Improved pixel list UI

Reporting Improvements

Exclude Filters: When setting up a new report you now have the ability to Exclude items as well as Including.
Edit Scheduled Reports: The UI now includes an edit icon for Scheduled Reports, allowing you to edit as needed.

Status Bar Improvements

We’ve simplified status indicators within the UI to help give a clear visible indication of campaign, flight, ad health. One of the biggest improvements is the ability to track status for clicks and conversion goals, previously the status bar only tracked impression goals. For a full list of what the status indicators mean, click here.

Creative Template Update

Objects is a new field type available in Creative Templates. This allows you to store JSON objects as part of Creative Templates.

UI Flight Page Improvements

  • Flight page sections are now collapsible and include “in use” badges to help adops clean up their flight page view without fear of missing out on an in use section.
  • For auction flights that use a non-CPM rate type, the eCPM Optimization section now includes a default eCPM setting. These are the values Kevel’s Decision Engine will use by default if eCPM optimization is in use and there are no custom values nor fixed values in use.