Release notes: March 25, 2021

Kevel SSO is here!

Want users at your company to log in to Kevel with your SAML IdP? Can do.

Kevel now supports:

  • SSO login through OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML IdPs
  • User authentication via IdP configuration (automatic / just-in-time provisioning)
  • Automatic user access to a set of Kevel network(s) that you specify

Get in touch with your account manager or email [email protected] to learn more!

New reports are now faster

New Report generation in the UI has been updated for all customers. This update makes creating a new report in the UI faster, more responsive and reduces browser timeouts. The response from customers in the Beta test has been great. We would love to hear any feedback, so reach out to your account manager or [email protected].

More ways to show ads near your customer

Distance Targeting allows your product to surface relevant promotions based on customer location (or search location) relative to advertiser locations. It unlocks two main use cases:

  1. User-Specified Radius: Show promoted listings located within a certain distance of your customer’s location. In this case, the promotion location(s) are stored on the flight without a radius, and a radius is specified in the ad request.
  2. Advertiser-Specified Radius: Show promotions only when a customer is within a certain distance of your advertiser’s location. In this case, the promotion location(s) are stored on the flight along with a radius.

*Both Distance Targeting and User-Specified Radius are in beta. If you’re interested in joining, please contact your Account Manager or email [email protected]!*

Along with new support for the User-Specified Radius use case, we’ve renamed this feature from GeoDistance Targeting to Distance Targeting. This change is reflected in the Kevel UI as well as in the following Management API endpoints:

If you’re using the Distance Targeting API endpoints, please update your system to refer to the new endpoints. Legacy endpoints will continue to be supported until later this year.

Ruby Management SDK : Relaunched

Our “newly renovated” Ruby Management Software Development Kit can help you to programmatically create campaigns, flights, and ads, write a command-line tool to pull the stats on your hottest campaigns, pipeline your eCommerce catalog of products into Kevel promotions, or just about anything else you want to automate in your Kevel integration using the Ruby language.

What did we change? What didn’t we change?!? We completely rewrote and modernized how the SDK calls the API over the wire, making it faster and less error prone, and we have added several missing features and conveniences including creative templates, instant counts, automatic pagination, and others. We also fixed countless bugs and improved error messages.

Here’s a sample script to create a new advertiser:

require 'adzerk'
client =["ADZERK_API_KEY"])

advertiser = client.advertisers.create(title: "Advertiser Name", is_active: true)
pp advertiser

REMINDER: Phasing out UI 1.0 next week!

If you are using UI 1.0, please be prepared to stop using UI 1.0 by the end of this month – March 31, 2021. Remember, our support team is available to help!

We recently introduced frequency capping at the advertiser and campaign levels in UI 2.0, as was possible in UI 1.0.

Bug fixes

  • Kevel previously disallowed saving a creative if the title was more than 500 characters. This has been resolved.
  • Resolved a bug in which the List Priorities and Get Priority endpoints were not returning the FloorCPC and RemainderPercentage parameters when they should have.
  • For a little while, not all applicable users were showing up as candidates for “Salesperson” for a campaign or when filtering campaigns in the UI. This has been resolved.