Release Notes: March 5, 2018


  • Multiple Winners In Public Beta: Do you have a situation where you want to request a certain number of ads, but you're not sure how many you need? For example, maybe you have an ad carousel that might have 3 to 8 ads in it. How do you request it? Multiple winners! Another great use case is if you are holding three auctions to get the top three winners but would like instead run one auction and return the top three winners. (read docs)

  • Proportionality Lotteries in Public Beta: Related to the multiple winners feature above, perhaps you want to have an absolute share of voice campaign when returning multiple placements. This could be tricky in the past, but now the proportionality lotteries feature of multiple winner requests makes that a lot easier! (read docs)

  • UI 2.0: Easier Copy & Paste of Codes: Grabbing an ad tag, site tag, or conversion tracking pixel code just got a lot easier. The display is a lot clearer and there's a nifty "copy to clipboard" button that, you know, copies to the clipboard.

Bug Fixes

  • UI 2.0: Validation Error Scrolling: When on a long form like the flight page and you get a validation error, it would sometimes be difficult to find the validation error. Now on a validation error the page scrolls to the top and all fields are highlighted as valid or invalid making it much easier to find what the problem was.

  • UI 2.0: Sticky Campaign Filter: If you filtered the campaign list by advertiser, then surfed around and came back to the campaign page, the list of campaigns would still be filtered by that advertiser. However, the filter wouldn't display so you could not unset it. You had to refresh the page, which is no fun.

  • UI 2.0: Validation on Custom Fields: Custom campaign and flight fields now validate properly in UI 2.0.

  • UI 2.0: Report Calendar Fix: When creating a report the calendar pop-up now helpfully highlights today's date.

  • UI 2.0: Inventory Pages Misaligned: The Channels, Sites, and Ad Sizes pages all had tables that had become misaligned.

  • UI 2.0: Sort Indicator Wrapping: In several tables, if a column header had two words in its name, when you'd sort by that column it could wrap the header onto two lines causing the table to look funny. We also heard its mother may have worn combat boots, but no one can officially confirm.