Release Notes: May 26, 2020

This is a quick note to share some product updates from Adzerk.

1. Hourly Reporting Update
We beta-tested Hourly Reporting in Q4 last year and rolled it out to all customers in February 2020. After some great feedback, we have updated Hourly Reporting to use the last 35 days of data to generate the report. This is now available to all Adzerk customers via API, and UI 2.0 (including csv download). Our documentation has updated instructions for how to create a queued report via API and pull a new report in the UI.

2. On-page update notifications
In Adzerk UI 2.0, you’ll now see a pop-up when there is a new version available. The message asks you to save changes and reload to get the latest updates.


3. Geometries batch upload
Adzerk’s GeoDistance feature, currently in limited beta release, allows clients to target ads to users who are within a radius of certain locations. Beta testers of this feature can now replace or add geometries to flights in bulk, rather than one… by… one… very… slowly. Just send a payload of lat / long data to the Management API in order to conduct a batch upload. We also added the ability to get a list of all GeoDistance targeting geometry objects associated with a flight.

Not yet using GeoDistance? Talk to your Adzerk account manager about adding this feature to your network!

4. Grouping By Flight and NOT Price
This update allows users to select grouping by flight and not price to allow customers with variable pricing to reduce report size.

5. Bug fixes
We made a number of small bug fixes to improve stability and reliability. These include:

  • Previously, the management API allowed users to create a flight without an EndDate, but with a GoalType that logically required an EndDate. Whoops! We introduced validation for that scenario and cleaned up problematic data. Now, flights with GoalType 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 must also have an EndDate. Along the way, we also introduced some validation for invalid GoalTypes. So don’t plan on setting up any flights with GoalType: -5.
  • Error messages when posting to v1/flight should be marginally more helpful. We replaced an incorrectly categorized 400 error that bore the distinctly unhelpful message “Unknown error while accessing storage.” The error is now correctly categorized as a 500 and shows the message “Database error.”
  • A smattering of behind-the-scenes infrastructure changes to the platform to increase speed, scale, performance, and resilience.

6. 7 Product Managers Share Top Targeting Tactics
Product management pros from the Ad.Product community on the targeting features publishers should prioritize.

7. Welcome MaryLauran Hall!
Some of you have had the chance to meet MaryLauran already on wireframe reviews or product research sessions. MaryLauran will lead product for the Adzerk management API and UI. She comes to Adzerk from Sparkfund, where she led software product management, overseeing B2B products including a financial management platform for energy contracts and release of an energy monitoring suite.