Release Notes: October 2, 2017

New Features

  • Real-Time Reporting at the Account Level: Our real-time reporting API (see more details below) now has the ability to quickly show you all your daily impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue counts for your entire account in one single API call. This is a great way to build a dashboard or make a quick decision based on how your account is performing for the day or the week.

  • User Management in UI 2.0: You can now create and manage your organization's users via UI 2.0!

Bug Fixes

  • Zone Failures in Request Reporting: When running an inventory report with our beta request reporting feature, if you grouped by zone your report would usually fail.

  • Missing Ad Sizes in UI 2.0: For some folks, not all ad sizes would show up when you were creating a creative.

Real-Time Reporting API

Our real-time reporting API has been in open beta for a few months now. Open beta means that we reserve the right to make changes and are still tweaking some resource limits, but that we do not expect to make any breaking changes. You can write production code against this API and rest assured that it won't go "poof" at any minute.

Currently you can get lifetime or daily counts for advertisers, campaigns, flights, and ads. You can get the counts of impressions, clicks, conversions, and revenue very quickly as these endpoints are synchronous unlike our reporting API endpoints. For example, you can call the real-time reporting API and your program can wait a few milliseconds for the data to be gathered and returned. This is in contrast to the asynchronous reporting API, where you hit an endpoint to queue up the report, and then you must poll another endpoint until the report is complete. Historical reports usually take minutes; real-time reporting takes less than a second.

Additionally, although the data available via the real-time reporting API is limited compared to our historical reporting API it is much more timely. In general it takes about 45 to 60 minutes from when an event occurs, like an impression or click, until it is visible in the historical reporting system. However, with our real-time reporting API, the lag time between event and visibility is 2-5 minutes.

This week we've added the ability to get daily counts for your entire organization's account, across all campaigns and advertisers. This is super-handy for building a dashboard or making decisions based on your daily performance.

Here's an example of the JSON output from this new endpoint: