Release Notes: October, 6, 2020

This is a quick note to share some product updates from Adzerk.

Add up to 10 day parts per flight

All users can now add up to 10 day parts per flight, with day parts able to run across midnight GMT. Legacy flights maintain their existing day parting functionality.

This feature was previously in beta testing and is now generally available. Learn more here.


Faster, more reliable Management API endpoints

We’re rebuilding Adzerk’s Management API endpoints bit by bit to make them faster and more reliable. Overall, Management API latency decreased by over 50% in Q3 2020.

For the following LIST endpoints, customers will see reduced error rates and improved speed in general, especially given large numbers of listed objects.

Multiply an event

Displaying an ad in a public place where a single impression could have be seen by hundreds of people? You can now set an event multiplier on impressions, clicks, conversions, and custom events via the eventMultiplier parameter. This will set the count of that event in reporting to the value of the multiplier, with a proportional effect on reported revenue. Learn more here.

Pull a report in a time zone

It's now much easier to create a report for a stakeholder who expects to see times and dates in a certain time zone. You can now generate an individual report in the time zone of your choice. The default will continue to be GMT. Find out more here.

In the future we add this to Scheduled Reporting. (Note: Group By Keywords is not supported with Time Zones in Reporting).


Reporting on ad decisions

You can now view a count of Ad Decision Requests by day, month-to-date and monthly total in Reporting. This is generated from the previous day’s count and updated daily. Ad Decision Request Reporting can be found in the main menu.


Password reset facelift

You can now reset your password in Adzerk without getting redirected into our older UI 1.0, which looks super different from the newer UI. This was confusing people, especially those new to Adzerk! We hope this makes the onboarding process smoother for new users.

Starting to say goodbye to UI 1.0

We have started the process of retiring Adzerk’s 1.0 UI and plan to fully deprecate it by March 31, 2021.

If you are using UI 1.0, keep an eye out for new features to support your migration! Please also keep familiarizing yourself with UI 2.0 in preparation for a switching over fully. Remember, our support team is available to help.

Bug fixes

We found some bugs crawling around campaign management in the UI and API, and gently removed them to a nice pasture.

  • Previously, if you updated a flight via the API and set an unsupported CapType value, the API returned a mysterious 500 error. Now, you’ll get a more helpful 400 error that points you towards the CapType field.
  • Our CSV download tool for locations and site/zone targeting rules was weirdly only showing 10 results. Oops! This is fixed, and you should now see all of your data in that CSV.
  • Image previews for ads were sometimes showing up in UI 1.0, but not UI 2.0. This has been fixed, so if you were seeing image previews in the old UI, you should also see them in the new UI.
  • We introduced API validation to disallow creation of an ad whose creative and flight belong to different advertisers.
  • Geotargeting countries are now alphabetized in the UI.