Release Notes: September 1, 2020

This is a quick note to share some product updates from Adzerk.

Support for time zones

We heard you loud and clear: converting to GMT can be a major headache, especially for teams far from the prime meridian.

That’s why we added the ability to set time zones at the flight level and to pull reports in a specific time zone. Adzerk also now includes controls for time zone at the network and user levels. Learn more here: Time zones in Adzerk

Time zone features are currently in beta testing with a subset of Adzerk customers. If you want to be added to the beta test, please email us at [email protected]!

Faster, more reliable management API endpoints

We’re rebuilding Adzerk’s Management API endpoints bit by bit to make them faster and more reliable. For the following LIST endpoints, many customers will start to see dramatically reduced error rates and improved speed in general:

Bug fixes

We found and squashed a couple of bugs that were scuttling around campaign management in the UI and API.

  • Previously, the management API allowed you to create an ad whose creative and flight belonged to different advertisers. We’ve introduced validation to prevent this, and updated our documentation here.
  • If you choose to display eCPM on a list of flights, you’d expect to actually see an eCPM value for those flights, huh? Well, this value was showing up as zero. Now it shows the correct value given the most recent total lifetime revenue of the flight. Flights with a flat rate will show $0, however. More in our documentation here.