Release Notes: September 11, 2017


  • Unmatched Keywords & Custom Events: In reporting, we now track which unmatched keywords were present on an impression that generates a custom event. So you can now learn which keywords generate the most likes, upvotes, swipes, or whatever you're tracking and target to optimize that traffic.

  • Third Party Tracking for AMP Ads: Need a third party tracker in your AMP ads? We added the recipe to our docs.

Bug Fixes

  • Ad Creation Failures: For a short while last week both our 1.0 & 2.0 UIs developed an issue that prevented uploads of creatives and creation of new ads.

  • Daily Budget Goals: Ads with daily budget goals are paced against a virtual monthly goal to allow for short periods of "feasts and famine." So on any given day an ad might over or underserve slightly, but over the course of a month it averages out to its daily budget. However, if the ad overserved enough to meet its virtual monthly goal early, then in some cases it would stop serving and never restart.

  • Reporting UI 2.0: Although still only in alpha, we fixed a couple more key showstopper bugs in the upcoming Reporting UI 2.0 feature. Stay tuned!