Release Notes: December 8, 2023

  • Added: Define custom validation rules on Creative Template fields [Management API + UI]
  • Added: OptimizedPrice included in the response pricing data [Decision API]

Ad Platform — Management API + UI


  • You can now define custom validation rules on Creative Template fields. This enhancement allows you to specify a set of "allowed values" or a regex pattern on Creative Template fields that the system will validate input against. Allowed value options are rendered as a dropdown in the UI when creating ads to streamline the AdOps workflow by only showing the options that match the desired business rules for that type of Creative. Templates can be configured with these new options via the UI in the Studio tab or via the API. Visit our Creative Template Field Validation FAQ for more details.

Ad Platform — Decision API

Kevel constantly maintains our systems to patch security vulnerabilities and resolve performance issues.


  • For Flights using Autobid, we now return the optimizedPrice in the decision response when includePricingData is set to true in the request.