Release Notes: March 15, 2024

Ad Server UI: view recently generated reports (Report Runs), Campaign Peer Approvals, and Duplicate Flights across Advertisers.
Forecast API: Improved availability response times, new New bookedBy parameter, and case-insensitivity in the API.

Forecast API


  • Improved availability response times by dynamically caching availability results
  • New bookedBy API parameter to show the booked results from the available forecast by a subset of advertiser, campaign, flight or ad. If more than one of these is specified, the results are shown in a hierarchical tree.


  • API is now case-insensitive

Ad Server — Reporting


  • Report Runs (Beta) — View a list of reports generated in the last 10 days in the Ad Server UI. Load previously generated reports, check report status, and download CSVs. Beta release only includes support for UI reports, but API support is coming soon. Learn more on the Report Runs knowledge base page.

Ad Server — Campaign Management UI


  • Campaign Peer Approvals — This new opt-in feature facilitates peer approval of Campaigns (and their Flights and Ads) in the Campaign Management UI. The approval process serves as a mechanism to ensure that Campaigns are systematically reviewed before they can be activated. By assessing a Campaign's settings, decision makers can identify ways to improve its performance and minimize the likelihood of unintended consequences before it goes live. Learn more on the Campaign Peer Approvals knowledge base page.
  • Duplicate Flights across Advertisers — It is now possible to search and select any Campaign to duplicate a Flight into by checking "Show Campaigns from all Advertisers" when duplicating a Flight. The option to link to existing Creatives is hidden when a different Advertiser's Campaign is selected because Creatives are tied to Advertisers.


Kevel’s Self-serve solution helps you scale your ad business with longtail advertisers, providing them with the tools they need to create, manage, and analyze their ad campaigns. It can also be used to enhance the advertiser experience and increase efficiency for larger-scale advertisers.

You can customize the look and feel of your Kevel Self-serve tool for advertiser use. This includes your own colors, logos, and subdomain, as well as your choice of ad performance metrics and campaign creation rules.

Learn more on the Self-serve documentation pages.


  • Dashboard & reports — Empower your advertisers to access data on the performance of their campaigns with attractive dashboards and report tables. Highlight key KPIs, let advertisers click into individual campaigns to view the performance metrics you want to highlight, and enable data-hungry partners to download performance data as CSVs.
  • Campaign creation for sponsored listings — Guide advertisers seamlessly through the process of setting up auction-based sponsored listings campaigns. Enable advertisers to select which of their products from your catalog, set a budget, and configure search keyword and/or category targeting.