Kevel Self-serve overview

Self-serve tools help empower big brands and small advertisers at scale, and provide a better advertiser experience.


Beta product

This product is currently in beta. It may not be available to all Kevel customers, and features described may change before the product is generally available.

Kevel’s self-serve solution helps you scale your ad business with longtail advertisers, providing them with the tools they need to create, manage, and analyze their ad campaigns. It can also be used to enhance the advertiser experience and increase efficiency for larger-scale advertisers.

You can customize the look and feel of your Kevel Self-serve tool for advertiser use. This includes your own colors, logos, and subdomain, as well as your choice of ad performance metrics and campaign creation rules.

What does Kevel Self-serve do?

Today, the product is in a closed beta with two main sets of features:

  • Dashboard & reports
    Empower your advertisers to access data on the performance of their campaigns with attractive dashboards and report tables. Highlight key KPIs, let advertisers click into individual campaigns to view the performance metrics you want to highlight, and enable data-hungry partners to download performance data as CSVs.
  • Campaign creation for sponsored listings
    Guide advertisers seamlessly through the process of setting up sponsored listings campaigns. Enable advertisers to select which of their products from your catalog, set a budget, and configure search keyword and/or category targeting.

Kevel Self-serve is available with both sets of functionality, or for advertiser-facing dashboards & reports only.

What's on the roadmap for Kevel Self-serve?

Soon, the product will support advertisers creating native ad campaigns using creative templates (estimated summer 2024).

In the future, Kevel Self-serve will:

  • Enable you to accept payments from your advertisers
  • Support many creative and campaign types

Getting started with Kevel Self-serve

To get started with Kevel Self-serve, reach out to your Kevel account manager.