Release Notes: May 10, 2024

Forecast Flight performance from the Ad Server UI + new Forecast API parameters; create product ads with overrides via API; create video assets via API; plus Decision API updates...


Forecast UI


Forecast API


  • Day parting filter to API flights for Deliverable and Eligible forecasts
  • New ResultsBy API parameter to show the forecast results from the Deliverable and Existing forecasts by a subset of advertiser, campaign, flight or ad. If more than one of these is specified, the results are shown in a hierarchical tree
  • New FilterGroupBy keys: flightId, campaignId and advertiserId
  • Support for providing NewAds to simulate against in available requests instead of passing a single Targeting field
  • New uncapped counters in the available forecast results that convey the number of possible available impressions, clicks, and unique users ignoring the frequency and daily caps
  • Support overriding existing flights on the available NewAds field by considering simulated deliveries to those flights as potentially available


  • Renamed the API ad Keywords field to ActiveKeywords


  • Frequency Capping not taking doesNotAffectParent setting into account

Ad Server

Management API


  • Create Product Ads via API — In addition to the Create Ads from Products workflow in the UI, it is now possible to create PLAs via an asynchronous Job endpoint in the Management API. This endpoint accepts a list of product IDs and will return a Job ID that can be used to poll for status and ultimately returns a list of Kevel Ad IDs that have been created. See the Submit Job API endpoint reference for more details.
  • Product Ad Overrides — Prior to this release, all product listing ads (PLAs) were created strictly by mapping the Product's fields to the Ad/Creative fields via Ad Template mappings. With this release, it is possible to specify a list of Overrides during the create-ads-from-products API call which allow additional Ad/Creative fields to be specified. Overrides are applied only at ad creation, but as long as fields not specified in the Ad Template are chosen, they will persist across Catalog-powered product data updates. Overrides are specified in the TaskArgs > Overrides object — see the Submit Job API endpoint reference for more details.
  • Create Video Assets via API — Kevel Assets provide cloud-based processing and hosting for media files. Assets compliment Creatives, providing a building block for multimedia advertisements. While small pre-processed media (images, audio files) can be added directly to Creatives, Assets allow you to upload large master files directly to Kevel. This release makes it possible to create these Assets via API. Note: there is an additional pay-per-use cost for this functionality and usage of video assets is subject to the Kevel Terms of Service. To get access to this feature, please contact your account manager or email [email protected]. See the Create Asset API endpoint reference for more details.

Decision API


  • Revenue in Pricing Data: The revenue that a selected ad will generate should the revenue-generating event occur is now included for additional rate types (CPC and CPA). See the Response Parameters reference for more details.