Create Asset

Create a new Asset to get a direct Upload URL.



There is an additional pay-per-use cost for this functionality and usage of video assets is subject to the Kevel Terms of Service. To get access to this feature, please contact your account manager or email [email protected].

What are Assets?

Kevel Assets provide cloud-based processing and hosting for media files. Assets compliment Creatives, providing a building block for multimedia advertisements. While small pre-processed media (images, audio files) can be added directly to Creatives, Assets allow you to upload large master files directly to Kevel.

For more detailed information about Assets, please see the Assets documentation.

Uploading a File

You will receive an UploadURL after creating an Asset. This is where you will be uploading your file to. The URL expires 1 hour after creation and may only be used once. The Asset should be deleted and a new one created if the URL expires or an unintended file has been uploaded.


Use the UploadURL to upload in your client

Using cURL:

curl -v -X PUT -T myvideo.mp4 "$UPLOAD_URL"

The file will be processed once uploaded. You can keep track of its Status by retrieving the Asset:

A ContentURL is also provided to download/stream the uploaded file.

API Syntax

When using the Create Asset API call, it is important to understand the syntax required to make the request. There is a specific request format that must be followed to ensure the endpoint can process the request. The format is:



  • POST - the type of API request being made.
  • - the URL for the request.
  • v1 - the API version.
  • asset - the API endpoint being called.