Creating Ads from Products

Once Catalog and Template configuration is complete, creating ads from Catalog Items is possible through Kevel's Management UI via the Create Ads from Products workflow.

To start this workflow, create a new Flight (or edit an existing one) and configure general settings and targeting as desired. Then scroll to the Ads panel on the Flight editor page and click the dropdown menu next to the Create Ad button and select the “Create Ads from Products” option. This will open a guided process to browse and filter your product catalog and select products you’d like to add to the Flight.

Step 1: select a Catalog and Ad Template. In most cases, you will only have one of each of these, so you can confirm the default selections and continue to the next step.

Step 2: Select products. Browse your products and use the filter panel to narrow the list to match what you want to include in this Flight. You can select up to 3,000 products to add to the Flight. (The columns shown, filters available, and their labels can all be customized—see Creating Catalogs.)

Step 3: Review. Confirm your selected products and click “Add to Flight” to create Ads from your selection.

Product Ads are created asynchronously. The status is shown at the top of the Ads table:

You can refresh the table in the Ads panel at any time to view the newly created Ads.

Click the title of an Ad to view its details. Note that the Creative details are set automatically using the linked product's data and cannot be edited directly (see Linking Catalog Items to Ads for more information). Collapse the Creative Details panel to view the Delivery Settings. By default Flight-level settings are applied to Ads. However, you can set Ad-level delivery overrides using the options in this section.

It is also possible to set the bid price for a set of Ads using the bulk edit action in the Ads table. Select one or more Ads using the checkboxes on the left side of each row and then click the Edit button.

What’s Next

With product Ads created, you're ready to make Ad Decision Requests. Visit the pages below to learn how.