Create Campaign V2

Create a Campaign and nested Flights/Creatives/Ads


This endpoint creates a single Campaign along with nested Flights, Creatives and Ads.

Unlike the /v1/campaign endpoint, this /v2/campaign endpoint returns only the Id values of the created entities.

The settable attributes for the Campaign, Flight and Creative objects are very similar to the corresponding v1 endpoints. The only customizations allowed to Ads are to set the IsActive flag, ExternalMetadata, and AttributionSettings. It is not currently possible to set any Delivery settings of the nested Ads. Once created, all of these entities can be retrieved, updated and deleted normally via the v1 endpoints.

This endpoint also can create Jobs of type create-ads-from-products. These should be provided in a Jobs key on the nested Flight where the ads should be created. Those jobs will be submitted during this API call and completed asynchronously. It is up to the caller to use the Jobs endpoints to verify the results of the jobs.

Differences between v1 and v2

  • The v1/campaign endpoint supports creating Flights but not Creatives and Ads within those Flights. Additionally, if the Create Campaign call is made with nested Flight data and that Flight data has erroneous fields, the parent Campaign is still created, but a 400 response is returned with an error message.
  • The v2/campaign endpoint validates all entities and either all entities are created successfully or none are.