List Countries

Why List Countries

When you want to create geo-targeting settings for a flight, it is helpful to know the different geographical areas and associated codes for each of these countries so you can properly set up geo-targeting for the specific regions and areas you want to target. The Kevel API enables you to retrieve a complete list of all countries (and codes) that you can use in geo-targeting. When you make an API request to this endpoint, a list of all geographical areas and codes for counties will be returned as a JSON object (~400KB).

API Syntax

When using the List Countries API endpoint, it is important to understand the syntax required to make the request. Because the Kevel API is a RESTful API, there is a specific request format that must be followed to ensure the endpoint can process the request. The format is:



  • GET - the type of API request being made.
  • - the URL for the request.
  • v1 - the API version.
  • countries - the API endpoint being called.