Delete Creatives

Why Delete a Creative?

On occasion, you may find it necessary to delete a creative so it is no longer associated with a advertiser; or you may wish to delete it because the creative is no longer needed. The Kevel API enables you to delete a creative, and all of its associations with advertisers, with a simple update to the creative using the Update Creative API.

API Syntax

To delete a creative, you only need to use the existing Update Creative endpoint and set the isDeleted field to true.

const Adzerk = require('@adzerk/management-sdk');
const apiKey = process.env.ADZERK_API_KEY;

async function deleteCreative() {
  let specifications = await Adzerk.fetchSpecifications();
  let client = await Adzerk.buildClient({apiKey, specifications});

  let creative = await"creative", "update", {id: 12345, isDeleted: true});

require "adzerk"

def delete_creative()
    client =["ADZERK_API_KEY"])
    creative_id = 12345
    pp client.creatives.delete(creative_id)