What is a Creative?

When working with Kevel, it is important to understand what a creative is, what it does, and how it can be used as part of a campaign. Simply put, a creative refers to the details about the ad itself (such as its format, the image file, size, URL, and metadata). One source of confusion can often be understanding the difference between a creative and an ad. This difference is explained below.

What is the difference between a Creative and an Ad?

Creatives and Ads are distinct entities, and the distinction between these two entities is important in your understanding of how Kevel works. Please note the following:

  • A creative contains specific details and information about an ad (e.g. ad size, format, URL, etc.). For a detailed description and explanation of creatives, please refer to the Creatives technical documentation.

An Ad includes both the Creative details and ad-level targeting details. The Creative can live at the Advertiser level, while Ad lives under Flights, and refers to creatives that are specifically linked to a flight and thus have targeting and are eligible to serve. For more information about Ads, please see the Ads technical documentation



If a creative is set to inactive, then all ads (creatives mapped to a flight) are not able to serve even if set to active. Make sure creatives AND ads are active before your campaign goes live.