Decision API

The Decision API enables you to make ad requests without using ad code. By posting to a RESTful endpoint, Kevel's ad engine will return decision data and creative contents that can be used to serve ads in your application.

You'll want to set the Content-Type in the header as application/json. (The API will also accept text/plain to support applications that cannot change the content type, such as older versions of IE.)


If the request does not contain a user key, one is automatically generated in the response. UserKeys are important for Frequency Capping and UserDB.



The user key supplied in the user object overrides the user key set via the azk cookie.



API Key authentication is not required when making a Decision API request. For added security, Kevel has the option to require API Key authentication. Please reach out to your CSM or [email protected] to enable.

For more on authenticating requests, see this page.

Error Handling

Out of n% placements on the request, none were valid The siteId has been deleted
The siteId is not active
* No siteId on the request
Keywords must be an array or stringKeywords are not a string or an array of strings
invalid JSONJSON is not valid
Request received with no placements definedThe placements object or the request body is missing
No sites foundThe site on the request is not available for ad serving. Contact support
Count must be an integer in the interval [1, 20]placements.count in the request is not between 1 and 20
Event multiplier must be an integer in the interval [1, 100000000]placements.eventMultiplier in the request is not between 1 and 100000000