Custom Reports vs Queued Reports

Custom Reports

When you work with Kevel, you have the ability to generate different types of reports to measure campaign performance, including analyzing impressions, clicks, CTRs, custom events, and other items that you can then fine-tune to improve your campaign. When referring to high-level reporting features and the Kevel reporting interfaces (UI and API), the term "custom reports" is used to describe these high-level features.

Queued Reports

When you kick off a report using either the Reporting UI or Kevel API, this is referred to as a "queued report." Since reports are not generated immediately, the Queue Report API endpoint returns a GUID that can be used to poll for the report via another endpoint.

If you use the Reporting UI, you will see a screen appear with "report is generating" appear until the report is ready.

Simply put, a "queued report" is a report that has been initiated, but has not yet completed.