Get Entity Counts

Why Get Entity Counts

You may wish to retrieve a list of entities that you are being billed for to verify you are not hitting any contractual limits and reconcile with external systems. The Get Entity Counts endpoint allows you to see how many entities you have by type as of a given date.

Definition of Billable Entities

"Billable" entities are reported based on the "armed" status (ie eligible to serve) of related entities. Kevel uses the following definitions for armed entities:

  • Armed Advertiser: Active, not deleted
  • Armed Campaign: Active, not deleted, not archived
  • Armed Flight: Active, not deleted, not archived, not ended
  • Armed Ad: Active, not deleted
  • Armed Site: Not deleted
  • Armed Zone: Not deleted
  • Armed Creative: Active, not deleted
  • Armed Channel: Not deleted

Following from the above, Kevel uses the following definitions for billable entities:

  • Billable Advertiser: Armed, has at least one armed campaign
  • Billable Campaign: Armed, in an armed advertiser, has at least one armed flight
  • Billable Flight: Armed, in an armed campaign, has at least one armed ad
  • Billable Ad: Armed, in an armed flight
  • Billable Site: Armed site
  • Billable Zone: Armed, in an armed site if it has one
  • Billable Creative: Armed, in an armed advertiser
  • Billable Channel: Armed channel