List Regions in Country

Why List Regions In a Country?

If you would like to find specific regions within a country for geo-targeting purposes, the Kevel API enables you to return a list of regions within a country. Using the List Regions in Country API endpoint and passing the CountryCode as part of the request, you can view all regions within a country that are currently supported.

API Syntax

When using the List Regions in Country API endpoint, it is important to understand the syntax required to make the request. Because the Kevel API is a RESTful API, there is a specific request format that must be followed to ensure the endpoint can process the request. The format is:

GET [{CountryCode}/regions?version=2


  • GET - the type of API request being made.
  • - the URL for the request.
  • v1 - the API version.
  • country - the API endpoint being called.
  • CountryCode - The specific 2-3 digit code for the country.
  • regions - the regions currently available in the specified country (based on CountryCode).