Real Time Reporting API

The Real Time Reporting API delivers reporting data about advertisers, campaigns, flights and ads within minutes of events after being recorded in our system. While this data is not as comprehensive as Kevel Reporting or Data Shipping, it enables near-instant feedback on the performance of your ads. Data is delivered as a JSON object.



Real Time Reporting API data is a cumulative count of all the impressions, clicks, etc. since either:

  • The creation of your advertiser/campaign/etc.
  • June 1, 2016

To get data for a custom time period, use the parameters described in the endpoints. Data for a custom period is provided only for the past 90 days.



Real time data is updated approximately every five minutes.


impressionsA count of impressions for the time period — the number of times an impressionUrl was fired
clicksA count of clicks for the time period — the number of times a clickUrl was fired
conversionsA count of conversions for the time period — the sum of Event IDs 1, 2, and 3 fired (see Event ID definitions)
revenueA count of revenue for the time period
gmvA count of gross merchandise value for the time period if GMV is passed on events

Click Bucketing Parameters

These counts originate from the click bucketing feature. Refer to that page for full definitions. Click bucketing data in the Real Time Reporting API is not available prior to June 1, 2021.

uniqueclicksA count of Unique Clicks
rawclicksA count of Raw Clicks
invaliduaclicksA count of Invalid User Agent Clicks
duplicateimpressionclicksA count of Duplicate Impression Clicks
suspiciousclicksA count of Suspicious Clicks

Error Handling

400 Error MessageLikely Cause
Does not existRequesting an id that doesn't exist using a GET endpoint
Cannot request data more than 90 days oldRequesting a custom time period outside of past 90 day range
Start date must be before end dateRequesting a start date that's later than the end date
No data for id returnedRequesting an id that doesn't exist using a POST endpoint