Search Campaigns

This returns campaign properties via a search on the campaign's name. The result will be a JSON list of all campaigns for which the value of campaignName is contained in the name property (aka wildcard search).


This endpoint accepts a string key/value pair as its payload instead of a JSON object.

You'll need to pass in a single string with a key of campaignName. The value should be the term you want to search for.

To search for a single, exact word: "campaignName=Nike"

To search for multiple words, use url encoding: campaignName=20th%20Century%20Fox

To search for a substring urlencode the character % as a prefix and suffix. For example, to find all campaigns with names that contain the string bank, you should search for %25bank%25.

If nothing is found, you'll see items is blank, like "Items": [].


If you searching for a campaign name that contains multiple words, you must URL encode the term you are searching for. For example, in curl you can use the --data-urlencode flag and search for "campaignName=Nike Shoes"