Update Geo-Targeting

Why Update Geo-Targeting?

You may find it necessary at some point to change existing geo-targeting settings for a flight to make updates, or alter a flight's performance in a campaign. The Kevel API enables you to update these geo-targeting settings using the Update Geo-Targeting API endpoint. When you use this API endpoint, you can then make changes to the geo-targeting settings for a specified flight.



You can update any field except for FlightID and LocationID.

API Syntax

When using the Update Geo-Targeting API endpoint, it is important to understand the syntax required to make the request. Because the Kevel API is a RESTful API, there is a specific request format that must be followed to ensure the endpoint can process the request. The format is:

PUT https://api.kevel.co/v1/flight/{FlightID}/geotargeting/{LocationID}


  • PUT - the type of API request being made.
  • https://api.kevel.co - the URL for the request.
  • v1 - the API version.
  • flight - the API endpoint being called.
  • FlightID - the ID associated with the flight.
  • geotargeting - the geo-targeting settings for the flight.
  • LocationID - The ID associated with the geographical location where the flight is being served.


Clearing attribute values

To unset or clear an attribute, set its value to NULL.