List Creative Templates

This endpoint lists the creative templates in your network.

Why List Creative Templates?

If you would like to retrieve a complete list of all creative templates in your network, the Kevel API enables you to return this information using the List Creative Templates API endpoint. When you make an API call to this endpoint, you will receive a list of all creative templates currently in your network, which can be very helpful if you would like to make any changes or updates to a template, or just review what creative templates are available to you.

API Syntax

When using the List Creative Templates API endpoint, it is important to understand the syntax required to make the request. Because the Kevel API is a RESTful API, there is a specific request format that must be followed to ensure the endpoint can process the request. The format is:



  • GET - the type of API request being made.
  • - the URL for the request.
  • v2 - the API version.
  • creative-templates - the API endpoint being called.

The JSON response will be an object consisting of the page and pageSize from the request, in addition to a count of totalItems and totalPages. The creative templates are in an items array.



Without any query parameters, the List Creative Templates endpoint will return page 1 with 10 items.



The totalItems counts only the templates selected in the query. For example, if there 8 unarchived templates and 2 archived templates, totalItems will be 8 if includeArchived is false and 10 if includeArchived is true.