The Configuration API

Using the Configuration API

The configuration API enables you to create, store, and eventually update an existing bidder configuration. The sections below describe the endpoints you can call to work with these bidder configurations.

Create Config Endpoint

You can call the Create Config endpoint by using the URL below.

The purpose of this endpoint is to allow you to create and store a bidders configuration. You will be returned a supply_id that can be used in place of the full bidders configuration. This also allows you the ability to specify less on the Exchange API request, as well as change the configuration used on these requests, independent of the request itself.

The create-config endpoint accepts a JSON body of the following form:

    "name": "My Saved Configuration",
    "bidders": {
        "index": {"siteId": 123456},
        "appnexus": {"placementId": "abcdef"}

The response includes a supply id, and a UUID. This can be used with the supply_id type request detailed above.

Update Config Endpoint



The documentation for this API endpoint is currently in process and being developed. We will release this updated content shortly.