Do Not Track



This feature is in Beta. Please contact Kevel support or your account manager to enable it.


DNT is available via Dashboard 1.0 only.


DNT settings can only be read from a user's browser when using JavaScript clients. If you are using the Decision API, Kevel will not be able to identify the user's browser's DNT settings, and you must pass DNT settings on the ad request explicitly. See the Decision API documentation for details.


Kevel offers two settings for accounts that want to honor their users' Do Not Track requests:

Honors No Track

Honors No Track accommodates users making Do Not Track requests from their browsers as well as advertisers purchasing campaigns that include trackers.

When a user with Do Not Track set makes an ad request, Kevel will:

  • Prevent writing their IP address in click, impression and event logs
  • Stop storing data in the user's UserDB record
  • Prevent setting advertising related cookies in their browser
  • Only display creatives that have "Honors EFF Do Not Track" checked in the creative settings

Super No Track

Super No Track performs the same actions as Honors No Track. However, it applies DNT settings to all users that make an ad request, regardless of whether their browser is set to Do Not Track.


All third-party creatives in an account with Super No Track enabled must be DNT compliant and must have "Honors EFF Do Not Track" checked in the creative settings. Otherwise, the creatives will not serve to any user.

Getting Started with Do Not Track

  1. To begin Do Not Track compliance, contact your account manager. Let them know which level of DNT (Honors No Track or Super No Track) you want to use.
  1. Once your account is enabled, you will see the "Honors EFF Do Not Track" checkbox in the creative settings modal. Check this whenever a third-party creative is Do Not Track compliant.