Cookies Set by Kevel

Kevel's cookies set the SameSite=None and Secure attributes. See SameSite Cookie Attribute: What It Is And Why It Matters for more information.

azkUnique identifier for users
azk-blocksA list of creative IDs that the user has blocked via adFeedback
azk-eventsA list of pending conversions that have yet to be resolved by a conversion pixel
azk-site-viewsA list of times the user has viewed ads on a site, used for payout capping
azk-viewsA list of times the user has viewed flights, used for frequency capping

Cookies expire after 365 days. The azk-events and azk-blocks cookies expire after 30 days.


Because of Kevel's commitment to the GDPR, cookies will not be set for any user with an EU-IP, unless you indicate they have provided consent.