Inventory Overview


In Kevel terminology, "Inventory" refers to information about WHERE the ad placement is appearing. It also lets you group together websites and domains for easier targeting. This is particularly useful if you manage a lot of sites (for instance, your native ad unit appears on 10s or even 100s of other websites).

Inventory also keeps tracks of ad sizes (pixel dimensions), which is a required parameter in the Decision API request. The ad size makes sure we return an ad that will fit in the ad slot.

Inventory is broken down into Channels, Sites, Zones, and Ad Sizes / Types. All Inventory aspects can be created/updated with the UI or our APIs.

Everything lives under "Network" - or a single ID associated with your entire account.

Below are some illustrations of the taxonomy of Inventory.


Example - Single-Property Publisher

This structure refers to most of our clients. The major differences compared to a multi-site publisher are (1) the use of only one channel and (2) the use of only three sites.


Example - Publisher Managing Many Sites

This structure is more applicable if you are a network or otherwise managing multiple websites with different themes and domains.