3rd-Party Pixel Tracking


A tracking pixel is a tool used to track ad impressions. It consists of a piece of code inserted into the JavaScript/HTML of a creative. This code causes a 1x1 transparent image to track with the ad.

Setting Up Pixel

To set up an ad using a third-party tracking pixel, you'll want to first upload the image as with a normal image creative, then call the image using HTML so that you can append the tracking pixel to that HTML. To do this, use the following steps.

  1. First, create a new creative, and set the format to Image. Upload your creative, and click "Save".
  2. Open the creative again, then control-click or right-click on the image and choose "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image Address" depending on your browser. This will copy the URL of the static image into your clipboard.
  1. Switch the creative from Image back to Javascript/HTML.

  2. In the HTML field, input the following code:

<a href="{{url}}" target="_blank"><img src="STATIC_IMAGE_URL" /></a>

Replacing STATIC_IMAGE_URL with the image URL you copied earlier, then save the creative. See screenshot below how this will appear in the user interface:

  1. Copy and paste the 3rd party pixel code below the tag code. Example shown below.