Campaign Frequency Capping


If you set frequency capping at the campaign level, it will apply to all the flights and ads that belong to it.

For example, if a campaign has ten flights with one ad each, any of those ten ads can count toward its frequency cap. You can also use campaign frequency caps in conjunction with other frequency caps.


Set caps by hour, day, or minute. Max duration is 180 days, 168 hours, or 4400 minutes.

Overriding Campaign Caps

There are also several cases where the campaign frequency cap can be overridden:

  • If the advertiser, flight or ad frequency cap is stricter than the campaign frequency cap
  • If a flight or ad has the setting "Don't affect the parent frequency cap" enabled. This setting allows the object to ignore the frequency caps of objects above it

Setting Up with UI

Please note: this can be done only in UI 1.0.

If you are manually setting up campaigns:

  1. Click Campaigns under the Campaigns tab
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the campaign
  3. Click the "Enable Frequency Capping" checkbox
  4. Enter how many times the campaign's ads should display, per a number of Hours or Days
  5. (Optional) Check the box to allow the campaign to override the advertiser's frequency capping settings, if applicable.
  6. Save

If you do not see the Frequency Cap section, ask your account manager to enable it.

Setting Up with API

Use the below parameters in the Create Campaigns request.

The number of times that you would like the frequency cap to occur
How often the frequency cap should occur
Which unit of time you would like frequency capping to occur. Key:
1 = Hour
2 = Day
Optional. If true, opts-out campaign from advertiser-level frequency cap settings


To understand frequency capping, use this formula: Display this advertiser {{FreqCap}} times per {{FreqCapDuration}} {{FreqCapType}}. For instance: Display this advertiser 3 times per 6 hours

Here's an example Create Campaigns request for a campaign with frequency cap settings of 10 times per 1 day, and which is opted-out of advertiser-level frequency caps.

  "FreqCap": 10,
  "FreqCapDuration": 1,
  "FreqCapType": 2,
  "DontAffectParentFreqCap": true

You can also update frequency caps with the Update Campaigns request.