Custom Data Shipping Properties

You can pass custom data shipping properties on event URLs (such as impression URLs, click URLs, conversion URLs etc.) These properties will then appear in data shipping logs for the corresponding event.

These properties are not retrievable via reporting. They cannot be used for targeting or capping or otherwise affect the outcome of ad serving.

Custom data shipping properties are particularly useful for integrating internal data about events (such as Google Analytics data or app metadata) into Kevel's data shipping logs.

Setting Up Custom Data Shipping Properties

To add custom properties to data shipping logs, append the query parameter property on the event URL with a key/value pair in the format property:key=value:


Note that multiple properties can be appended. They are limited by the max length of the URL.

When the event URL is called, properties will then appear in data shipping logs:

  "Meta:schema": "event",
  "Meta:version": "1.2",
  "Properties": {
    "foo1": "bar1",
    "foo2": "bar2"
Log TypeWhere to Append Properties
RequestThe Decision API URL in the Decision API request (note that these can also be used for custom targeting)
ImpressionImpression URL (includes static text links but not email ad code)
ClickClick URL (includes static text links and email ad code)
Conversion/Custom EventConversion/event URL
UserDBUserDB API endpoints