Programmatic Fill


Rather than filling all available ad impressions with self-serve or direct-sold advertisers, you may want to use programmatic RTB channels to gain incremental revenue.


Programmatic fill - while a short-term revenue driver - could also be negative long-term, since they aren't integrated native and can still stand out as obtrusive. Because of this, most clients first fill all ad slots with integrated native ads. If that doesn't fill all available impressions, they'll add in programmatic ads to supplement income.


  • Quick Revenue - If you have un-filled inventory and are in a bind to fill it, you could place a programmatic ad in the spot instead. This ad won't be integrated native, but it'll drive revenue
  • No Need for Ad-Ops or Sales Team - Integrating with a programmatic channel is easy with Kevel. You won't need people to sell or manage the campaigns


  • Not Integrated Native - Programmatic ads are all about scalability, which occurs through conformity of ads. Even native RTB ads - which let you play around with some aspects like color and text placement - will stand out, since they aren't 100% native to the organic experience
  • Can Slow Down Page - RTB ads are not as fast as in-house native ads through Kevel, and there will likely be a small impact to page load speeds
  • Can't Offer Same Targeting - Unlike your internal platform, with RTB ads you won't be able to employ robust targeting around search keywords / category, which could impact the user experience

Execution - Waterfall

Kevel offers waterfall RTB capabilities, so you can assign rules around which RTB ad exchange to request a response from first. Should the first not have a response - or the bid too low - you can then move on to the next partner.

Learn more about our RTB offering here.

Execution - Header Bidding

Kevel also offers Header Bidding with Prebid.js. This is a server-to-server solution for accessing more inventory all at once (rather than waterfalling). The benefit of this is higher revenue at faster page load times.

Learn more about our RTB offering here.


Interested in learning more about how programmatic ads? You can contact us here.