Sponsored Recipes/Ingredients


Used by: Recipe sites
Example companies: Yummly, AllRecipes, Whisk
What: Real recipes are sponsored by a brand. Can be broken down by:

  • Sponsored Recipes: Brand is tied to the recipe. For instance, Kraft Cheese's logo is attached to every nacho recipe
  • Sponsored Ingredients: A brand's specific product is listed as an ingredient ("Kraft Cheddar Cheese" vs just "cheddar cheese")

Why: Letting food brands sponsor recipes is a no-brainer. It's high-value to the advertisers, and users are saved from obtrusive banner ads
Common targeting: Search keywords ("brownies"), category, past behavior
Common tracked events: Impressions, clicks, saves, if directions were printed
Common platform models: Direct deals







Looking to add sponsored recipes to your site/app? Kevel's APIs provide the infrastructure to build what you see above. Reach out for more info.