Kevel Glossary

These are Kevel-specific terms related to our campaign structure and miscellaneous terminology. For general Ad Tech terms, visit here.

Active ResourcesAn Active resource is the total number of active, non-deleted, and non-archived campaigns, advertisers, flights, ads/creative, sites, channels, and zones across an entire account.

You will be billed on this "total number" of active resources.
AdvertiserThe advertiser is the person or company who provides the creative to be served as an ad. Advertisers can log in to view reports
Ad CodesA block of HTML and JavaScript that makes a call to Kevel's servers and loads an ad. Generated per site from the web interface in the Inventory tab
Ad ServerThe tech that enables the storage, selection, and serving of ads
BookingThe dollar amount that has been agreed upon (by advertiser and publisher) in order to serve an ad campaign
CampaignA collection of an advertiser’s ads, which is made up of one or more flights. Typically the flights in a campaign have a common theme, such as product or promotion
ChannelSite(s) with similar content that share the same publisher payout settings. Every account has a default channel named "All Sites" that consists of the entire network
ContentDBA server-side database for storing metadata for contextual targeting
CreativesA file or code supplied by an advertiser that is served as the ad on a site. Kevel can serve image files, JavaScript, HTML tags, and raw data
Do Not TrackDo Not Track is a browser setting that enables users to opt-out of being tracked by websites and advertisers that they are not directly engaging with. Kevel has partnered with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to become the first ad serving company that can honor Do Not Track
Fill RateThe percentage of impressions served from non-remnant campaigns
FlightsA collection of rules for one or more creatives that determine how an ad is served. These include impression goals, tracking methods, dates to run, and targeting
InventoryThe section of the web interface that lets you manage sites and channels and generate ad code
Keyword TargetingCampaign targeting that uses 'keywords'. You can send real-time search keyterms, or send keywords tied to page content
Management APIA RESTful API for uploading creatives, creating campaigns/flights, and pulling reports. Replicates the functions of the web interface (except for generating ad code)
Decision APIA RESTful API for delivering ad contents. By placing a request to the Decision API, Kevel makes an ad decision and returns a creative in JSON format. Replicates the function of the ad code in the web interface
PrioritiesA setting to serve a flight faster or slower relative to other flights
Remnant/RemainderA campaign that runs all the time to serve any impressions left over after premium campaigns. A remnant campaign is often comprised of house ads or tags from an exchange like AdSense
SitesThe website(s) where ad(s) will display
StatusA progress indicator for a campaign, flight or creative
UserDBA server-side database for user-level targeting
Zerkel QueriesA querying language used for custom targeting. Zerkel uses key/value pairs passed in on an ad request, in addition to reserved keys that act as filters (like device specific targeting)
ZonesSaved placements which represent sections of a site. When zones are set up, you can target ads to them and Kevel will track the zone's impressions