Passing Custom Targeting Data

Passing Custom Targeting Data via API

Pass key/value pairs as properties in a placement in the Decision API Request:

“properties”: {
  “numeral-key-name”: 42,
  "string-key-name": "the answer to the ultimate question",
  "array-key-name": ["life", "the universe", "everything"]

For example, if you want to target a key/value pair where genre = rock, you'd write a Zerkel query of: genre = "rock". This is what the Decision API request would look like:

  "placements": [
      "divName": "homepage",
      "networkId": 123,
      "siteId": 456,
      "adTypes": [5],
      "eventIds": [12,13,14],
      "properties": {
        "genre": "rock",
        "age": 25
  "ip": ""

Passing Custom Targeting via Ad Call

Add this function to the placement you want to set Custom Targeting key/value pairs for, appended to the ados_add_placement(); function:

setProperties({"key": value,"key":value});

For example:

ados_add_placement(1234, 12345, "azk12345", 4).setProperties({"genre":"rock"});

Passing Values in Creative

To pass the contents of a value into a creative, use this macro:


When the ad is served, the macro will be replaced with the value of key-name.